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Our Terms of Service

We thank you for visiting BullGuardCoupons.com. With continued use of the various resources within this site, you explictly agree to be bound by the terms of service as listed below. Keep in mind that BullGuardCoupons.com may make alterations or modifications to these terms without any notice whatsoever, and it fully reserves the right to do that. Implemented changes are supposed to be in effect from the time of modification, unless mentioned otherwise. It’s in your best interest to monitor changes within this statement on a regular basis to be fully aware of such changes. It’s henceforth assumed that the continued usage of BullGuardCoupons.com to be a form of explicit acceptance of all modifications.

Limitations to Our Liability

In no event is BullGuardCoupons.com liable for,

(i) any incidental, consequential, or indirect damages (including events that cause financial losses, results in data corruption, etc.) arising through the use of the products or services listed within this site, even if BullGuardCoupons.com or its affiliates have been advised in regards to the possibility of such damages.

(ii) any claim attributable to inaccuracies through errors or omissions in the service and/or the materials and information provided through the service. Certain states may not allow exclusions or limitations to liability for consequential or incidental damages, so certain limitations may not apply to you. If you reside in such a state, the liability that BullGuardCoupons.com should be expected to bear is limited to the greatest extent as permitted by law.

Privacy and Copyright Protection

When using this site, any materials accessible must not be altered in any manner whatsoever, unless we give you explicit permission to do so otherwise. This limitation takes into account forms of content such as text, images, and videos. For all non-commercial purposes, however, you can download content displayed within this site, provided that you don’t change or modify them.

BullGuardCoupons.com will gather information with the use of browser cookies to expedite purchases and improve user experiences. However, any data obtained through the generation of usage patterns with be held treated with the utmost respect in terms of privacy. BullGuardCoupons.com will not, nor shall, share collected information with third party sites or online advertisers.

Regarding Our Products and Services

BullGuardCoupons.com prohibits you from using the services or products on this site to garner access to confidential information. In the event that we detect such violations, BullGuardCoupons.com is committed to providing full assistance to the relevant authorities with any data required to resolve the legal aspects involving such violations. Furthermore, BullGuardCoupons.com reserves the right to perform our own in-depth examinations into matters that fail to comply with our terms.

Making Payments to Products and Services

Whenever you interact with the site in a way to confirm that you want to purchase a product or service listed within it, BullGuardCoupons.com will automatically direct you to a third-party site or checkout system so that you can finalize payment. BullGuardCoupons.com may also facilitate making certain payments within this site itself, provided that products and services are available to be purchased without the involvement of third-parties. Please remember that payments made on other websites will not fall under the terms as listed in this statement.

Product and Service Delivery

The site may host products that don’t require a fee, which can either be free products from the outset or ones that are part of a promotion. In such instances, relevant information will be sent to the email address provided during registration. Additionally, BullGuardCoupons.com also reserves the right to give you access to certain products, especially those that are service-oriented in nature, in real-time.

For products and services that incur a free, any and all information is automatically sent to the email address that’s provided either to us or to the third-party vendor during checkout. However, this is on condition that the medium of payment provided has cleared successfully.

Regarding Ownership Claims

BullGuardCoupons.com prohibits ownership claims on the various products and services featured on this site. These products and services are the rightful properties of their owners. Each product is provided “as is” without warranty, and in no event shall BullGuardCoupons.com, nor its owners and employees, be held liable for any damages incurred through their continued use, which includes but isn’t limited to, direct, indirect, special, exemplary, or punitive damages.

Affiliate Links and How We Use Them

As a means to finance this site, BullGuardCoupons.com uses affiliate links. These links generate commissions that help us pay out bills. Furthermore, we may also receive compensations from our partners or third-party vendors directly for the various products and services featured on this site. That said, BullGuardCoupons.com in no way makes representations about the forms of content featured on any external sites that you are directed to after interacting with affiliate links.

Whenever you access a non-BullGuardCoupons.com site, do remember that products or services listed within, not to mention the activities conducted by such sites, are done completely separate from us. For example, any links that point back to BullGuardCoupons.com under no circumstances mean that BullGuardCoupons.com bears responsibility nor endorses any actions performed out by such third-parties.