Complete freedom online with dozens of servers across all major continents

Ready access to all censored or geo-restricted content

Protect your privacy online by connecting to any BullGuard VPN server

Bolster the network security of any connection with industry-grade encryption

Available on all major platforms that include Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS

VPN functionality for an entire household with a maximum limit of six devices


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BullGuard VPN

The internet has morphed into a twisted alternate reality that no really thought it would end up being a couple decades ago. On one hand, you have websites who love tracking each and every one of your moves online in attempts to profile you for nefarious purposes, the least of which is targeted advertising. And on the other hand, you have local governments, ISPs, and big media corporations who like to determine exactly what forms of content that you have access to. To make matters even worse, you have all sorts of scrupulous individuals and malicious programs out to spy on you and steal sensitive personal information. That’s why you need a comprehensive VPN, or a virtual private network, to deal with these issues. Thankfully, BullGuard VPN fits the bill perfectly.

BullGuard VPN - Dozens of Servers Ready and Available

Simple and Easy to Use

BullGuard VPN is one of the easiest VPN solutions that you can get your hands on to, ever. Forget messing around with network configuration settings. No matter what device or platform it is that you plan to use it on, BullGuard VPN makes connecting to any server a super-easy endeavor. Simply select the server in a country that you want to connect to using the dedicated BullGuard VPN app on your desktop or mobile, click Connect, and you are good to go in a matter of seconds. Or, click Quick Connect, and you will be connected to the best server available to you in terms of latency and performance.

Keys to the Internet

With BullGuard VPN installed on your desktop or mobile, it is like having the keys to the entire internet. There are literally dozens of servers in every major country across all corners of the globe. Whether you want to gain access to geo-restricted content in the United States, Germany, India, Hong Kong, or Australia, it’s just a matter of selecting a server in that country and clicking Connect. And the fact that you can easily connect to servers mean that you can rapidly go about unlocking content in all regions in practically no time. The rock-solid performance of all BullGuard VPN servers also work wonders when it comes to performing complex tasks such as streaming video.

Protect Your Privacy

When you use BullGuard VPN, you automatically protect your privacy without having to actually do anything. But how does that happen? It’s simple. Usually, whenever you visit a website, you are easily identifiable by the IP, or internet protocol, address assigned to you by your ISP. Usually, this address carries all sorts of information such as your location, and that means sites can track you across the internet with the placement of cookies and such. When you connect to a BullGuard VPN server, however, your actual IP address is masked. Instead, sites can only see the IP address of the BullGuard VPN server. Hence, sites, and even your own ISP, will find it impossible to track you.

BullGuard VPN - Super-fast Connectivity

Additional Security

In addition to the potential privacy issues that it sorts out for you, BullGuard VPN also enhances your security when surfing the internet rather tremendously. Whenever you connect to a BullGuard VPN server, your web traffic is automatically encrypted with industry-grade AES encryption. Which means that no matter what network connection it is that you use to connect to the internet, you really don’t have to worry at all about any scrupulous individuals or malicious applications from spoofing you for personal information. This holds specially true when it comes to using public Wi-Fi networks, which are otherwise notorious for being horrendous in terms of security.

Supports Multiple Devices

What makes BullGuard VPN one of the best in business is its comprehensive support for all major mobile and desktop operating systems. Whether you have a Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS device around, you can easily install the BullGuard VPN app and instantly establish a VPN connection with similar ease. But what makes things even better is the fact that a single BullGuard VPN also nets you the ability to connect on up to six separate devices simultaneously. Which basically means that you can have BullGuard VPN up and running on pretty much all devices in your household with minimum fuss.

Anti-Logging Policy

BullGuard VPN is a product of BullGuard, one of the most renowned names in the anti-malware industry. And the development team behind this phenomenal VPN solution knows what privacy and security really means, which isn’t surprising considering that they’ve been fighting malware for almost two decades. Hence, your browsing activity is never recorded on the server-side when using BullGuard VPN. Which means that no one should be able to gain access to your browsing records. Considering how commonplace server breaches are, this works wonders for privacy since no should be able to just break into a server and steal your personal information.

A Must-Have

As you found out, BullGuard VPN brings about a dizzying array of benefits when surfing online. From a super-convenient experience when establishing VPNs, preserving your privacy while surfing online, to unlocking geo-restricted content across the globe, you’d be hard-pressed to find a similar VPN solution elsewhere. If you are seriously concerned about the various implications of browsing the internet, then BullGuard VPN is all you need. Buy it today for an unrestricted, secure, and privacy-oriented experience online.