Protects all devices across multiple platforms from malware and ransomware

Preserves your privacy with Safe Browsing and Identity Protection modules

Patches system vulnerabilities with Vulnerability Scanner and Home Network Scanner

Optimizes PC performance with Game Booster and PC Tune-up functionality

Presents an array of parental controls for in-depth device management

Provides access to secure cloud-storage for sensitive files and documents


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BullGuard Premium Protection

BullGuard’s ultimate anti-malware suite offering, BullGuard Premium Protection, brings to the table a boatload of features that can help you deal with almost any kind of privacy or security-oriented issue that you come across either online or offline. With cutting-edge technologies that provide comprehensive protection against malware and ransomware, to integrated browser-based protective modules that preserves personal information while surfing online, BullGuard Premium Protection’s capabilities are quite unprecedented. In this review, you can find out how BullGuard Premium Protection goes about doing that.

System Requirements

BullGuard Premium Protection uses a proprietary next-gen anti-malware engine that only consumes a tiny fraction of the system resources consumed by competing antivirus products. Hence, expect unparalleled performance on the majority of desktops out there. In short, you can run BullGuard Premium Protection on a system with just 1GB of RAM and 900MB of hard drive space. When it comes to operating systems, you need to have at least Windows Vista or higher installed. BullGuard Premium Protection also has specific versions for macOS, and just like with Windows, you can run it with minimal issues on systems with low resources easily.

BullGuard Premium Protection - Dedicated Firewall Keeps You Safe From All Web-based Attacks

User Interface

As soon as you finish installing BullGuard Premium Protection, you can immediately start checking out the various features and functionalities that it brings to the table. And thanks to its super-intuitive user interface, you can pretty much find anything that you are looking for at the snap of a finger. Whether it’s the manual malware scanning modes, firewall, or parental controls, everything is listed neatly and clearly, hence reducing confusion to a minimum. You can also find a dedicated Settings panel that helps you perform a host of configurations to the various functionalities present in the anti-malware suite, and just like with the main user interface, it carries a similar level of intuitiveness.

Antivirus Protection

The primary reason to install an anti-malware suite is to gain protection against computer viruses, and BullGuard Premium Protection shines in that department. It uses a proprietary detection technique dubbed triple-layer protection that intelligently detects and monitors applications with malicious intent without wasting valuable system resources monitoring every nook and cranny. Further, it uses behavioral analysis using it’s BullGuard Sentry heuristics algorithm, which features the uncanny ability to detect unknown forms of threats based on suspicious behavioral patterns. Furthermore, the anti-malware suite also provides you with multiple manual scanning modes whenever you want to take matters into your own hands.

Web Protection

In addition to its anti-malware capabilities, BullGuard Premium Protection also fully protects you from web-based threats. It has it’s own heavy-duty firewall that uses proprietary algorithms to easily detect suspicious transmissions originating from any application, as well as the ability to stop direct attacks on your computer. And when it comes to web browsing, BullGuard Premium Protection’s Safe Browsing module takes protection into its own hands by blocking unsafe URLs, providing verification symbols on search result pages next to safe sites, etc. By using BullGuard Premium Protection, you can surf with utter peace of mind without falling victim to a phishing scam or downloading a malicious executable.

BullGuard Premium Protection - Super-charge PC Performance With PC Tune-up

Performance Boosters

BullGuard Premium Protection comes with a couple of performance boosting modules. If you are a gamer, you will find the Game Booster module to be of significant use. Simply add whatever game it is that you intend to play into the Game Booster whitelist, and the module will not only reduce the overall resource usage of the anti-malware suite while keeping only the essentials running, but also actively go about blocking system notifications from hindering your video gaming experience. And then there’s PC Tune-up, a dedicated tool that lets you perform all sorts of system optimizations ranging from deleting tons of duplicate files to disabling resource-hungry startup programs.

Other Features

BullGuard Premium Protection brings to the table a host of other features that can really help you out in a number of instances. For example, you have dedicated cloud-based backup capabilities at your disposal that you can use to safely back up important files and documents with comprehensive end-to-end encryption. And then there is the Vulnerability Scanner, which features the uncanny ability to detect and patch security loopholes caused by redundant Windows security updates and obsolete device drivers — this functionality should go perfectly hand-in-hand with the anti-malware capabilities of BullGuard Premium Protection.

BullGuard Premium Protection also doubles up as a dedicated parental management application, which you can use to easily monitor the activities of your kids as well as impose various limits on their browsing and app usage activities. A couple of other noteworthy features include Home Network Scanner and Identity Protection — the former identifies any security threats originating from the various devices within your household, while the latter immediately notifies you if your personal information is in circulation anywhere online so that you can take immediate action.

Ultimate Protection

When it comes to ultimate protection, BullGuard Premium Protection really goes above and beyond the call of duty by providing you with everything that you would ever need. Proprietary and cutting-edge technologies keep you safe at all times from malicious threats, while dedicated web-based protection modules keep you fully protected while navigating the internet. Performance boosters and a boatload of features ranging from cloud-based backups to parental management really makes BullGuard Premium Protection a force to be reckoned with. Buy it today for a complete protective experience of the likes that you’ve never seen before.