Thwarts mobile-based security threats with real-time protective shields

Integrated anti-theft features let you locate or wipe lost devices remotely

Minimal battery usage due to cloud-based scanning capabilities

Powerful parental controls let you keep your kids safe from dangerous apps and websites

Built-in secure cloud storage features let you back up sensitive data online

Dedicated customer support service for all technical and general queries


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BullGuard Mobile Security

In this day and age, we do just about everything on our mobiles. Whether it’s streaming video, making payments, or surfing the internet, smartphones have become a vital daily driver whether you like it or not. And if you are on Android, inconsistencies in security updates and poor support for devices from the various OEM manufacturers mean that having a comprehensive security solution is vital in ensuring the safety of both your device and personal data. And that’s where BullGuard Mobile Security comes into the picture. Built by one of the most respected and trustworthy anti-malware development teams in the industry, this mobile security app has all that you need to stay secure from threats on your Android mobile device. Let’s dive in and check out what exactly it has on offer to keep you safe.

BullGuard Mobile Security - Fully Secures Your Mobile Device

Easy to Use

An excellent anti-malware scanner is only as good as its user interface, and BullGuard Mobile Security really shines in that department. It features an elegant and beautiful UI that’s just a joy to use, with all options that you want to use right at your fingertips. Whether you want to perform a full scan of your device, want to back up your data, or need to access the parental management tools, the intuitive controls let you do that easily. The BullGuard Mobile Security menu also features several options that let you perform tasks such as accessing the Settings panel to perform various configurations as viewing the app’s security logs.

Stops Malware

If you use loads of apps on your mobile device or download files from the internet, then you increase the risk of infecting your device exponentially. And that’s where BullGuard Mobile Security is so potent. It takes a proactive approach to dealing with threats by scanning files and apps before they even download to your mobile, which works wonders when it comes to preventing attacks. The security app also deploys live shields to prevent your device from being susceptible to attacks in real-time. You can also perform a complete scan of the device manually by initiating the scanner built into BullGuard Mobile Security, which then scans every nook and cranny on your device for malware.

Superb Performance

BullGuard Mobile Security uses a cutting-edge cloud-based scanning technology that transmits suspicious signatures to a continuously updating database of the latest malware threats online. This results in a couple of significant advantages. Firstly, you have a better chance of being secured from dangerous zero-day threats, that otherwise take a while to be present on any local definitions database. Secondly, cloud-based scanning translates to very few system resources being used, which translates to a negligible impact on battery life — if you were concerned about that, then don’t be. The app will, of course, use an offline definitions database for instances where you aren’t connected to the internet.

Anti-Theft Capabilities

BullGuard Mobile Security also provides an unprecedented amount of support when it comes to protecting your Android smartphone from real-world threats. In the event that you lose your device or someone steals it, you have a range of options that you can perform by signing into the secure BullGuard Mobile Security Manager dashboard using any web browser. For example, you can easily find its current location with the aid of GPS tracking, which should be of immense use when it comes to locating it.

BullGuard Mobile Security - Comprehensive Data Backups

If you are quick, you can also cause your device to emit a high-pitched noise to easily pinpoint its location. Further, you can choose to remotely wipe the data on your device, which should work wonders at preventing anyone else from stealing your info — you can choose to backup your device before you do this.

Backup Your Data

Speaking about data backups, BullGuard Mobile Security comes with an integrated back up tool that you can use to easily upload important items such as contacts and documents online. BullGuard provides you with up to 5GB of secure cloud storage that features end-to-end file encryption, which means that only you can view your files with your BullGuard Mobile Security password acting as the decryption cipher. You can also view your files at any time using a web browser, or even migrate the data to another device — perfect for instances where you want to securely transfer your data.

Parental Controls

If you have kids around your household, you can easily use BullGuard Mobile Security as a convenient parental management utility to fully monitor the activities of each and every one of them. From checking what they’ve been doing online, monitoring app usage patterns, to checking out what files they have downloaded onto your devices, you can then perform a host of restrictions ranging from blocking apps and websites outright to imposing time limits on daily usage. Considering the amount of unsafe content that children can potentially stumble across on the internet, the parental management features present in BullGuard Mobile Security should come in more than useful.

An Absolute Must-Have

Considering the increasing amount of threats that you encounter on a daily basis, having BullGuard Mobile Security running on your device is vital. With excellent industry-wide detection rates, minimal strain on system resources, and a host of additional features ranging from anti-theft capabilities, data backups, to parental controls, the amount of features that BullGuard Mobile Security provides is quite unprecedented. If you want to safeguard both your mobile device and your personal data, buy BullGuard Mobile Security today and experience the best when it comes to mobile security.