Protects your computer from both online and offline-based attacks

Dedicated anti-ransomware protection with cutting-edge detection technologies

Revolutionary custom firewall thwarts targeted web-based attacks

Reduces subsequent malware infections by automatically patching up vulnerabilities

Allows for optimized system performance with Game Booster and PC Tune-up modules

Enables confidential online data backups with end-to-end encryption


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BullGuard Internet Security

Having a dedicated antivirus suite is crucial to ensuring the safety of your computer from all of the dangerous threats that you encounter online. Otherwise, the chances of getting infected with malware or ransomware is quite high. And that’s exactly what BullGuard Internet Security aims to do. With cutting-edge proprietary technologies that range from detecting malicious attacks in real-time to thwarting zero-day attacks, BullGuard Internet Security takes a proactive approach to security. Dozens of complementary additions make this phenomenal security utility ideal for almost anyone. Taking a closer look at what BullGuard Internet Security is definitely warranted, so lets do just that.

BullGuard Internet Security - Comprehensive Security Suite


BullGuard Internet Security’s antivirus capabilities are some of the best in business. It uses a proprietary next-gen anti-malware engine dubbed “triple-layer protection,” which features the ability to identify suspicious programs and executables well before an attack actually occurs. And rather than expending system resources in an attempt to monitor the entire system, it instead focuses on these sketchy programs, and immediately sandboxes and quarantines them in events of suspicious behavior. All of this results in a significantly smaller memory footprint, with a minimal impact on overall system performance. The security suite also ramps up protection with the inclusion of BullGuard Sentry, a proprietary algorithm that features the ability to detect zero-day threats, thus allowing for comprehensive protection against both known and unknown forms of malware and ransomware.


When it comes to protecting your computer against all sorts of targeted online-based threats, BullGuard Internet Security does that with the use of its own dedicated firewall. Unlike the standard Windows firewall, the BullGuard Internet Security replacement uses a host of unique filters and algorithms to automatically detect and flag suspicious applications from connecting to the internet. This firewall also features the ability to monitor new applications even during installation to ensure that nothing malicious ever happens. And you don’t have to worry about system performance either — the BullGuard Internet Security firewall is fully optimized for Windows 10, so expect increased battery life compared to the standard Windows Firewall.


Vulnerabilities are a common place occurrence on Windows-based desktops, particularly due to drastic differences in hardware from device to device. And that’s the reason why you are presented with Vulnerability Scanner, a dedicated tool that has the ability to detect all sorts of security issues pertaining to your computer. You can then take action yourself to close these loopholes to stop them from being exploited by malware in the future.

BullGuard Internet Security - Enhanced Security With Dedicated Firewall

To give you a brief idea as to how the Vulnerability Scanner works, it starts off by checking your network connection for issues related to encryption protocols and such, moves onto checking for issues with auto-run settings in connected removable drives, and then find out whether you device has the latest device drivers running. It also detects if drivers are digitally signed as a means to stop exploit hardware-level exploits.

Game Booster

Game Booster is a dedicated feature targeted specifically towards gamers. Rather than having BullGuard Internet Security slowing down your video gaming experience, the Game Booster module reduces the antivirus suite’s usage of system resources drastically. This of course improves video gaming performance significantly. However, don’t be concerned about the security of your system — BullGuard Internet Security will still do all that it does to keep your computer protected since only non-essential activities are stopped from running. With Game Booster enabled, you will also stop receiving notifications, which will further help improve system performance.

Complementary Features

Rather than spending money on third-party backup utilities, you can simply use BullGuard Internet Security’s own built-in backup features to safeguard your files in the cloud. Simply pick what you want to upload, and BullGuard Internet Security will do that automatically at specified time intervals.

BullGuard Internet Security also comes with it’s own PC Tune-up utility, which is just phenomenal when it comes to boosting the overall performance of your system. It features the ability to perform a host of tasks ranging from clearing up the system registry, getting rid of duplicate files, to disabling unwanted startup programs. All of these combined will help enhance system performance tremendously.

Surprisingly, BullGuard Internet Security also features a host of parental management tools. If you want to monitor the activities of your kids or even impose limits on what they can or cannot do, the controls that you get are the real deal.

An Absolute Must-Buy

Calling BullGuard Internet Security a fantastic antivirus suite all around isn’t a stretch by any means. Simply put, the amount of features that it provides are just mind boggling. Whether its protecting your computer against all forms of malware or ransomware, want comprehensive security without impacting your gaming experience, or require in-depth tools to manage the activities of your kids, BullGuard Internet Security is that ultimate all-in-one suite. Go buy it now and gain access to some of the best in-class protection in the entire industry.