Secures your computer in real time against malicious attacks

Uses proprietary triple-layer protection system for outstanding detection rates

BullGuard Sentry behavioral engine fully protects you from zero-day threats

Prevents malicious code from exploiting security loopholes by scanning for vulnerabilities

Built-in Safe Browsing module safeguards you from phishing attacks online

Avoids hindering video gaming performance with Game Booster technology


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BullGuard Antivirus

Over the years, the chances of getting infected by computer viruses have risen exponentially. Despite the plethora of operating system patches and application updates, malware creators have always managed to stay one step ahead of the curve. And that’s a primary reason why you need to rely on a dedicated antimalware application instead of relying on the standard security features built into an operating system. BullGuard Antivirus is that utility that fits the bill perfectly. It carries zero bloat, has a minuscule memory footprint, and the detection rates are just phenomenal. If that sounded interesting, it’s time to check out how BullGuard Antivirus actually goes about protecting your computer.

BullGuard Antivirus - Super-Intuitive User Interface

Easy-to-Use Interface

BullGuard Antivirus has one of the most simplistic and user friendly of interfaces ever. All options ranging from your antivirus scanning options, Vulnerability Scanner, to the Game Booster are conveniently listed in thumbnail format. Additional features such as the firewall and parental controls are also present, but can only be unlocked by upgrading to the BullGuard Internet Security or Premium Protection suites. A dedicated Settings panel is also present, where you can easily dive in to make any configurations as to how you want BullGuard Antivirus to work (increase or decrease threat levels, modify heuristic detection levels, etc.).

Multiple Scanning Modes

When it comes to staying safe from all forms of threats, BullGuard Antivirus provides you with access to three separate scanning modes — Quick Scan, Full Scan, and Custom Scan. For instances where you want to ensure that no malicious code is present within system critical areas such as the memory or registry, performing a Quick Scan yields rapid results. Alternatively, Full Scan lets you perform a comprehensive scan of the entire computer to detect threats hidden deep away in the file system, while Custom Scan lets you target specific files and folders for in-depth malware scanning.

Real-Time Scanning

The presence of multiple scanning modes doesn’t mean that you need to actively go about protecting your computer all by yourself. Rather, BullGuard Antivirus comes packed to the brim with multiple live shields that do a phenomenal job at actively monitoring all system processes around the clock for indications of malicious threats. And the fact that it relies on both a local and a cloud-based definitions database means that newer forms of threats would hardly get a free pass. Detected threats are instantly quarantined, and you can take further action by repairing or deleting infected files via the Quarantine list.

BullGuard Antivirus - Weekly Reports Keeps You Updated

BullGuard Sentry

The BullGuard Sentry is a proprietary algorithm that seriously enhances the detection capabilities of BullGuard Antivirus to zero-day threats. It uses cutting-edge heuristics and machine learning to determine in advance threats that originate based on behavioral analysis. It runs around-the-clock, and fully complements the manual scanning modes and real-time shields used by the anti-malware utility. Considering that zero-day threats pose the most issues due to the lack of known database definitions, it just goes to show how vital BullGuard Sentry really is when it comes to unprecedented protection.

Vulnerability Scanning

Your anti-malware utility can be the toughest in the world, but if there are ways that malicious code can exploit to re-enter the system, everything will eventually just break down. Which is where BullGuard Antivirus’ Vulnerability Scanner is of paramount importance. Running it yields an in-depth report where you can find any system vulnerabilities that could be the source of potential exploits. For example, redundant Windows security updates, obsolete applications, or outdated hardware drivers can be easily patched right from within the Vulnerability Scanner itself after detection.

Boosting Gaming Performance

Anti-malware applications are notorious for using up tons of system resources, and is simply not feasible if you are a gamer. But BullGuard Antivirus doesn’t let you down. Despite using very few system resources to start off with, it’s Game Booster functionality lets you tone down resource usage even more for the duration of any game that you add to the Game Booster whitelist. When enabled, Game Booster also works proactively to block all sorts of pesky notifications so that they don’t ruin your concentration. If you are looking for comprehensive protection without being bottle-necked by resource usage, then this is it.

You Need It

BullGuard Antivirus goes significantly above and beyond over what you expect from an entry level antivirus application. With multiple scanning modes, real-time detection shields, to zero-day threat protection, the amount of security features that BullGuard Antivirus brings to the table is just astounding. Additional features such as the Vulnerability Scanner and Game Booster just goes to show how user-centric this phenomenal anti-malware solution really is. And the presence of a super-easy user interface means that just about anyone can use BullGuard Antivirus easily. If you had any second thought about phenomenal anti-malware solution, then it’s time to dispel them. Buy BullGuard Antivirus today and secure your computer right now.