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Cookies and Data Collection

In our ever increasing attempts to improve the user experiences of all visitors, may engage in data collection to a certain degree. For example, incoming user traffic may be discerned for usage patterns using techniques such as IP address identification and browser fingerprinting. While interacting with the site, any resources used or activities performed may also be used as a form of identification.

To facilitate affiliate sales, may rely on the usage of cleverbridge AG cookies, a global payment platform. Please check cleverbridge AG’s policy page for additional details in regards to data management when interacting with this payment platform. Additionally, may also make use of affiliate cookies from cleverbridge AG as a means to expedite purchases while monitoring redirects from other vendor sites. In addition, will utilize cookies from Histats to generate usage statistics. Additional information can be gained by perusing the Histats privacy policy page.

How We Use Cookies

Cookies are used in various ways, but often, they are downloaded to your device locally to enable web browsers the ability to work properly on this website. This is also the case with websites throughout the internet. They aid you in monitoring your activity, such as keeping track of products that you add to your shopping cart across browsing sessions. may receive commissions whenever you decide to purchase products from our partner sites through the usage of affiliate links, thus cookies also help out to a large degree in tracking such activity., however, prides ourselves in the ethical usage of cookies. Hence, we never use cookies to collect personal or sensitive user-specific information. Also, we never share, nor do we intend to, any form of data gathered with the usage of cookies to third-parties websites.

Managing Cookies in Web Browsers

Web browsers work best when cookies are enabled. They load websites faster, remembers login information, and even keeps your preferences in check. That is the reason most web browsers (except certain privacy-centric browsers) are configured to accept cookies on websites by default. In the majority of instances, this happens automatically. However, certain regions require websites to ask you for your explicit consent before placing cookies on a device. Regardless, this default browser configuration can be changed via your browser’s Settings screen.

Additionally, you can also go about restricting cookie functionality in its entirety. The links displayed below can be used to perform this procedure in all major web browsers on popular desktop and mobile platforms. They offer detailed instructions and specifics of cookie management. However, do keep note that restricting cookie functionality applies to all websites that you come across while surfing the Internet.

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Further, you can also find additional details in regards to cookie functionality, as well as the pros and cons associated with enabling or disabling cookies, within directories such as and

Modifications to Our Policies

By continued engagement with, it is assumed that you provide explicit consent to each and every policy listed above. If decides to change the policies listed in any shape or form, it is assumed that such changes are in effect from that moment onward, unless explicitly stated otherwise. Please use the Contact Us link from any page within this site, or simply click here to access our contact form to send any queries in regards to this privacy policy statement.