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Protects Windows, macOS, and Android devices against malware and ransomware

Prevents targeted web-based attacks with custom firewall functionality

Improves system integrity by scanning and fixing underlying vulnerabilities

Deploys modules such as Home Network Scanner and Identity Protection for enhanced privacy

Provides a full array of parental management options to restrict harmful content online


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BullGuard Premium Protection

BullGuard Premium Protection is one of the most comprehensive of anti-malware suites that you can ever get your hands onto. With dedicated protection against all forms of malware and ransomware, combined with cutting-edge technologies that include BullGuard Sentry and Vulnerability Scanner, the amount of the features included within this phenomenal anti-malware suite is just mind-blowing. And with some of the best malware detection rates in the industry, you are in safe hands using BullGuard Premium Protection. Time to find out what it has in store in more detail, so let’s dive right in.

BullGuard Premium Protection - All Tools at Your Fingertips

Comprehensive Antivirus Security

BullGuard Premium Protection goes about its task of securing your computer against viruses with clinical precision. It takes a revolutionary approach to detecting malware and ransomware with a sophisticated triple-layer protection mechanism. It starts off by intelligently identifying malicious intent well before an attack actually occurs, and then goes about monitoring sketchy processes around the clock to locking down and quarantining them in cases of suspicious behavior. This prevents BullGuard Premium Protection from consuming system resources unnecessarily, and results in much better performance compared to alternative antivirus solutions.

Cloud-Based Scanning and Heuristics

When it comes to protecting your computer from all forms of malware, it's always best to rely on technologies tailor-made to deal with threats that are not part of any databases yet. BullGuard Premium Protection has two unique features that help you out immensely in that regard. The first is cloud based scanning — by sending suspicious signatures to a continuously updating database of of the latest malicious threats, you have a significantly better chance of of protecting yourself against up and rising threats.

Secondly BullGuard Premium Protection deploys a unique heuristics algorithm dubbed BullGuard Sentry. This algorithm continuously scans your entire system for potential signs of malicious behavior, which it then flags immediately. Both cloud-based scanning and the BullGuard Sentry when combined deliver absolute protection against zero-day threats.

Firewall and Safe Browsing

When it comes to staying safe from online based threats, BullGuard Premium Protection comes to the rescue in two ways. Firstly, it imposes its own firewall that is significantly better than what you get with the standard Windows firewall. It then scans all suspicious transmissions and blocks unauthorized applications from connecting to the the internet. This helps to a large degree in avoiding sensitive information from being uploaded online. Secondly, BullGuard Premium Protection protects you from encountering malicious threats while surfing the internet. It proactively blocks all sites that are known to carry malware. Even better, it also has the ability to warn you of fake sites that are known to phish users for personal information.

BullGuard Premium Protection - In-depth Parental Management Controls

Performance Enhancements

Unlike other anti-malware applications, BullGuard Premium Protection is completely optimized and uses minimal system resources, thanks in large to the implementation of cloud-based scanning technologies. However, it also provides the opportunity to further bolster the performance of your computer with dedicated Game Booster technology, which drastically tones down the anti-malware utility’s usage of system resources while only consuming enough just for core activities. This helps out massively when playing video games. You also gain access to a complementary utility called PC Tune-up, which lets you perform a host of optimizations (clean up registry, defragment hard drive, etc.) to significantly boost the performance of your pc.

Parental Management Controls

BullGuard Premium Protection also comes with a host of parental management tools. You can use them to monitor the activities of your kids to limiting what they can do when visiting sites and interacting with apps installed on desktops or mobile devices. BullGuard Premium Protection’s unique set of parental controls help you out to a large degree at protecting your kids. Not just that, but BullGuard Premium Protection’s parental management tools also lets you use to keep a lock on where your kids are at any time with the aid of GPS, which is nothing short of amazing.

Multi-Platform Support

If you have multiple devices in your household, then you really don't have to hunt around for platform specific applications. With BullGuard Premium Protection, you can just install it on Windows, macOS, and Android with no issues whatsoever. Consistency is crucial when it comes to protection, and BullGuard Premium Protection excels in that regard. Installing and managing subscriptions across all of your devices is made even easier with your BullGuard Account, which works as a one-stop portal for just about everything including the remote management of devices.

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As you saw, BullGuard Premium Protection has almost everything that you could possibly need for a completely protective experience against both online and offline-based threats. It's phenomenal in terms of detection rates, and the plethora of features that it provides also help you preserve your privacy. And with multiple other functionalities such as Vulnerability Scanner, Home Network Scanner, and Identity Protection, you'll be hard pressed to find a better utility elsewhere. Go buy it today and start securing your computer and your personal data from harmful threats online and offline.


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