Protects Android smartphones and tablets from mobile-based malware

Fully optimized live shields result in reduced impact on battery life

Provides a complete array of anti-theft features to help retrieve lost devices

Helps manage app usage and web browsing activities of kids with built-in parental controls

Lets you upload all sensitive data on your mobile to a secure online cloud storage

Provides the ability to monitor and manage your devices from any web browser


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BullGuard Mobile Security

Usually, mobile security is left largely ignored by the masses. Yet Android devices are some of the most vulnerable and susceptible to malware, especially due to the large discrepancies associated with OEMs and security updates. Hence, it’s crucial that a comprehensive anti-malware utility is installed to prevent dangerous forms of malware, adware, and spyware from being installed. BullGuard Mobile Security is one of the best Android-based security tools around — it’s built by one of the most renowned names in the anti-malware industry, and carries a boatload of privacy and security oriented tools, not to mention doubling up as a dedicated parental management utility. Below, you can find out exactly what it has in stock for you.

BullGuard Mobile Security - Scanning Device for Malware


BullGuard Mobile Security features cutting-edge real-time anti-malware shields that monitor everything from installed Play Store apps to downloaded files and documents from online sources or via email. It provides unprecedented protection against all forms of mobile-based malware that range from trackware, data harvesters, to cryptominers. Threats are quarantined immediately upon detection to stop infection. You can also configure BullGuard Mobile Security to automatically scan the entire device thoroughly for malicious threats at specific intervals.

And despite running in the background at all times, BullGuard Mobile Security imposes negligible strain on battery life due to the unique approach that it takes towards detecting malware — cloud-based scanning. Signatures are automatically transferred and double-checked against a rapidly updating definitions database online, which means that your mobile device doesn’t have to do the brunt of the workload. Which means that it’s also perfect to run on almost any Android smartphone regardless of how much system memory or processing cores that it has.


Protecting your mobile from online-based threats is fine, but what about those that happen in the real world? Often, we misplace out phones and result in them getting stolen. And BullGuard Mobile Security aims to fix that with its dedicated anti-theft capabilities. In case you lose your phone, you can immediately sign into BullGuard Mobile Security Manager, a dedicated dashboard that lets you instantly gain a bead on your device with the help of GPS. You can then easily go about performing a host of actions ranging from locking down your device from further unauthorized access to wiping all data present on it.

Phenomenal functionality if you have sensitive data or confidential documents that you don’t want anyone to get their hands on to. In the case of the latter, you can also choose to back up your device to the BullGuard servers online, which is just terrific. Dedicated SIM protection from lockdowns or data wiping means that you can fully stop criminals from using your SIM card to extract further sensitive information.

BullGuard Mobile Security - Dedicated Anti-Theft Controls

Backup and Restore

We briefly touched upon backup creation just above, but backing up your mobile device prior to wiping it isn’t the only instances where you can use the backup capabilities that BullGuard Mobile Security brings to the table. In fact, the ability to perform cloud-based backups are a core feature of this anti-malware solution. You gain access to five gigabytes of dedicated cloud-storage that you can use to conveniently and securely back up your contacts, calendars, and important documents.

And unlike the majority of ‘free’ cloud-storages out there, BullGuard Mobile Security’s offering fully encrypts your data from end-to-end, which means that only you can see your data. In the unlikely event of a server breach, the fact that your data is encrypted means that no one should be able to gain access to them. You can also choose to migrate your data to another device, provided that you use your BullGuard Mobile Security credentials to access them in the first place.

Parental Control

Another core feature that BullGuard Mobile Security brings to the table is parental management. Simply install and set up BullGuard Mobile Security on the device of your child, and you gain the ability to remotely monitor everything that he or she does ranging from monitoring pictures stored or received, checking out the full list of apps present on the device at any one time, to finding out what your child does during their time online.

You can then go about actively blocking unwanted apps or sites, or even imposing screen time limits on your child’s activities. In addition to using BullGuard Mobile Security to monitor your child’s activities, you can also use the dedicated BullGuard Mobile Security Manager on any desktop web browser to do the same as well. And the fact that you can install BullGuard Mobile Security on up to five mobile devices with a single subscription works wonders when it comes to managing an entire household.

Super-Charged Mobile Protection

As you saw, the amount of security features that BullGuard Mobile Security brings to the table is quite unprecedented. Not only does it protect you against all sorts of mobile-based threats, but it also doubles up as a comprehensive backup utility and parental management tool. Not to mention that its dedicated anti-theft features are some of the best in the entire industry. If you are seriously concerned about the security of your mobile device, then buy BullGuard Mobile Security and start securing yourself and your entire household against both online and offline-based threats.


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