Enhanced security against online-based threats with proprietary BullGuard firewall

Thwarts all forms of malware and ransomware

Resolves system-wide vulnerabilities with built-in Vulnerability Scanner module

Automatically backs up important files and folders to secure online cloud storage

Doubles up as a parental management tool with all-encompassing control over devices

Optimizes devices with built-in PC Tune-up functionality


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BullGuard Internet Security

There are literally dozens of anti-malware utilities out there. Some are outright bad. Some are very good. But rarely, some are just phenomenal. And as is the case, BullGuard Internet Security falls into the latter category perfectly, and for a simple reason at that — it has it all. Whether you are looking to stay safe against malware or ransomware, want to protect sensitive data from zero-day threats, or want to browse the internet without falling victim to a phishing scam, BullGuard Internet Security does all of that and a whole lot more quite. Since this terrific antimalware utility has numerous features, lets take a look at them in more detail.

BullGuard Internet Security - Vulnerabilities Report

Complete Anti-Malware Security

BullGuard Internet Security’s core competency lies in providing the best anti-malware and anti-ransomware experience possible, which it does with a completely revamped approach to malware detection. Rather than monitoring the entire system keeping lookout for malicious signatures, BullGuard Internet Security instead identifies executables with malicious intent straight out of the bat — this lets the antimalware utility focus its efforts on identifying possible attack vectors that these executables can exploit. This helps avoid unnecessary resource consumption, and the targeted monitoring helps for better detection rates.

Cutting-Edge Heuristics

Rather than relying solely on a definitions database, BullGuard Internet Security also uses a dedicated cloud-based antimalware engine to ensure that the latest threats are effectively mitigated. But it goes even beyond that. In an effort to safeguard your computer against completely unknown forms of attacks, the antimalware utility deploys a proprietary heuristics engine dubbed BullGuard Sentry. It uses a sophisticated algorithm to identify zero-day threats based on a model of possible attack vectors. Compared to the heuristics present in alternate antivirus applications, BullGuard Sentry has some of the best detection rates in the industry.

Detecting Security Loopholes

No matter how strong the anti-malware utility on your computer really is, there are often dozens of exploits that malicious programs can often use to repeatedly regain access to a system. However, BullGuard Internet Security doesn’t leave anything to chance, which is the reason why it comes integrated with a feature called Vulnerability Scanner. And just like its name implies, the Vulnerability Scanner crawls every nook and cranny of your system for possible signs of weaknesses that can result in a targeted malware attack — missing Windows updates, outdated applications and hardware drivers, etc. Not only does it scan your system, but it also has the ability to fix these issues for you — for example, the latest hardware drivers updates can be downloaded and installed automatically.

BullGuard Internet Security - PC Tune-up in Action

Boosting System Performance

If you are a gamer addicted to system performance, BullGuard Internet Security comes built-in with a couple of modules that should help you gain every ounce of juice from your current computer setup. The antimalware utility starts off by providing you with access to Game Booster, a dedicated feature that drastically reduces the usage of non-essential tasks — this helps boost system performance drastically despite being protected from malicious attacks. Next up, you gain access to PC Tune-up, a phenomenal tool that makes a ton of optimizations ranging from removing obsolete registry entries to defragmenting your hard drive. The end result — blazing fast performance.

Browsing the Internet

By now, you must have noticed the increasing amount of sketchy looking sites around the internet. They often masquerade around as legitimate sites, and some are so adept at hiding their real intentions that even tech-savvy individuals often fall victim to phishing scams. BullGuard Internet Security aims to fix that with its Safe Browsing module. By monitoring your browsing activity, this module actively notifies you of any sites that are out to phish you for personal information with a continuously updated list of fake sites. To make things even better, you can also configure this module to block you from sites that are out to infect your computer with malicious downloads.

Integrated Cloud Backups

No anti-malware utility is fool-proof. And the same counts for BullGuard Internet Security. Which is why you need to plan for a worst case scenario well beforehand, and that involves creating data backups. But rather than dealing with offline backups, which them themselves are quite risky due to storage failures, BullGuard Internet Security instead provides you with up to 5GB of dedicated cloud-storage. All you need to do is to pick any vital files or folders that you want to back up, pick a recurring frequency, and BullGuard Internet Security will automatically do the hard work for you. Your backups are fully encrypted, which means that no one will be able to see your information even in the event of an online data breach.

Security That You Need

As you saw, BullGuard Internet Security provides absolute value for money by providing you with access to multiple functionalities that can seriously elevate your experience when looking to stay protected against sophisticated threats. Proprietary features such as triple-layer protection and BullGuard Sentry works wonders at mitigating both known and unknown forms of malware, while features such as Vulnerability Scanner and Safe Browsing deals with all kinds of loopholes that malware can use to gain a foothold. And if you didn’t know, BullGuard Internet Security also supports macOS and Android, so there’s simply no reason to stop you from buying this fantastic antimalware utility.


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