Unprecedented security against all forms of spyware, trojans, and rootkits

Comprehensive protection against dangerous forms of ransomware

Protects you while surfing the internet with integrated Safe Browsing functionality

Detects and patches all system-wide security vulnerabilities

Optimized video gaming experience with proprietary Game Booster technology

Dedicated around-the-clock customer support service


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BullGuard Antivirus

These days, it’s more than important that you have an anti-malware utility installed on your PC. This is largely due to the growing number of both malware and ransomware attacks. And when it comes to staying protected, BullGuard Antivirus works the best. While it forgoes most of the the bells and whistles associated with BullGuard’s Internet Security and Premium Protection suites, it still has more than enough functionality to keep you protected from all sorts of threats. So if you are interested in learning more about what this fantastic antivirus software has in store for you, then it's time that we dived in and checked things out in more detail.

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Revolutionary Anti-Malware Engine

BullGuard Antivirus is one of the few anti-malware solutions that has a completely revamped approach to dealing with malware. By using a detection algorithm called triple-layer protection, it uses proprietary filtering techniques to identify rogue applications. It then monitors such applications closely for possible signs of malicious conduct. This just goes to show that rather than spending large swathes of system resources monitoring everything, having a focused approach leads to better resource utilization while also preserving battery life.

But BullGuard Antivirus doesn't stop at just that. It also uses in-house proprietary heuristics technologies in the form of BullGuard Sentry, which has the uncanny ability to detect abnormal behavioral patterns in system critical areas, thereby allowing the anti-malware utility to take proactive action against unknown threats that are not part of antivirus definition databases yet.

Dedicated Ransomware Protection

BullGuard Antivirus also protects you against all forms of dangerous ransomware. If you didn't already know, ransomware doesn't work like ordinary malware strains. Rather, ransomware goes about encrypting sensitive data on your computer and prevents you from accessing them. To regain access to your data, you often have to pay the ransomware creator a substantial payment, which is just a nightmare for almost anyone. With BullGuard Antivirus’ use of dedicated anti-ransomware shields means that both known and unknown forms of ransomware are rendered moot. In other words, a BullGuard Antivirus subscription is a massive insurance against ransomware threats, and will likely pay for itself due to the comprehensive security that it offers.

Detects System Vulnerabilities

Having an anti-malware application installed on your computer is a great way to stay safe. However, it doesn't help much if you don't close any loopholes that malicious code can use to exploit and gain access to a computer in the first place. And that is exactly where BullGuard Antivirus places an immense emphasis on fixing with its integrated Vulnerability Scanner. By using it, you can detect and identify any and all weak areas within the operating system. Whether they are outdated Windows security updates or dangerous USB auto-run settings, you can let the application itself resolve those issues for you or do that yourself. Consider running the Vulnerability Scanner regularly — it’s a terrific way to stop malware from gaining a foothold on your computer.

BullGuard Antivirus - Settings Panel in Action

Browse the Internet Safely

Browsing the internet is becoming an exceedingly dangerous task. In fact, there are literally hundreds of thousands of sites masquerading themselves as legitimate shopping or banking portals with the sole intent of stealing your data. And then there are those ‘download’ sites that infect your computer with dangerous forms of malware. BullGuard Antivirus, however, prevents you from accessing dangerous sites in the first place, which it does with the use of dedicated browser extensions that proactively detect dangerous websites. Whether you are shopping or banking online, having BullGuard Antivirus at your side is a fantastic way to both preserve your privacy while keeping sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands.

Boosts Video Game Performance

If you're a video gamer, there’s more than enough reason to be very vary of having an antivirus application installed. This is largely due to the fact that most anti-malware utilities consume tons off system resources. But when it comes to BullGuard Antivirus, there's a dedicated mode called Game Booster, which when enabled drastically tones down system resource usage related to non-essential activities. Hence, the freed up system resources can help you out immensely for a completely immersive gaming experience. With Game Booster mode enabled, you also won’t be bombarded with unnecessary notifications, which helps out to a large degree for an even better experience. In other words, with BullGuard Antivirus around, there’s now no reason why you need to skimp out on protection just to save system resources.

Phenomenal Anti-Malware Solution

Despite sticking to delivering just the bare basics, BullGuard Antivirus still ends up providing some of the best and most comprehensive security that you can ask for out of any entry-level anti-malware utility. With complete protection against all forms of computer viruses ranging from your run-of-the-mill spyware and rootkits to sophisticated forms of ransomware, you can be rest assured that you are in excellent hands. Extra features such as the Vulnerability Scanner and Game Booster only serves to make an otherwise already amazing experience even better. And the integrated Safe Browsing functionality wraps things up by protecting you against attacks from every direction. Go buy it today and stay safe against all sorts of threats.


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