Seamlessly connect to dozens of VPN servers around the world

Unlock access to all forms of geo-restricted content easily

Preserves privacy by masking your actual IP address while surfing the internet

Supports all popular desktop and mobile platforms

Comprehensive encryption protocols fully secure all data transmissions

Use on up to six separate devices at any one time


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BullGuard VPN

Having a VPN is one of the best possible ways to start preserving your privacy, and with BullGuard VPN, you get just that. Unlike the majority of cookie-cutter VPN solutions in the industry, however, BullGuard VPN has a lot going for it. In addition to dealing with all sorts of privacy-related issues, this phenomenal VPN solution also lets you gain access to geo-restricted content that you come across while surfing online. And BullGuard VPN is also one of the the most performance-oriented VPNs in the entire industry. So if you are interested in learning more about what this phenomenal VPN solution has to offer you, let's dive right in and check things out in more detail.

BullGuard VPN - Seamless Connectivity

Secure Your Privacy

In this day and age, preserving your privacy has never been more important. Most sites that you visit during your time online like nothing better than to track everything that you do. They accomplish this primary with use of tracking cookies in combination with your IP address. BullGuard VPN solves this problem by assigning you a different IP address each time you connect to a server while masking your actual IP address. This in itself prevent sites and even your own ISP from gaining a bead as to what you do online. And considering that BullGuard VPN has dozens of servers around the world, no site will ever have a chance of profiling you by activity.

Simple and Easy to Use

BullGuard VPN is one of the the most user friendly VPN solutions out there. Rather than prompting you to mess around with configuration settings in your system or web browser, BullGuard VPN makes connecting to any of its dozens of servers around the world a breeze. Using the simple applet that is provided to you, it's just matter of selecting the server or location that you want to connect to and you are good to go. Terrific when it comes to rapidly switching servers and gaining access to all forms of geo-restricted content. And to make matters even easier, BullGuard VPN also has the ability to pair you with the fastest VPN server closest to you automatically — if you only are only interested in the privacy aspects of web browsing, then this works wonders.

Any Device, Any Operating System

BullGuard VPN isn't just restricted to Windows. Rather, this fantastic VPN solution also supports all major platforms including macOS, Android and iOS. And no matter what platform that you plan to use it on, you are not restricted in terms of functionality. Hence, expect a similar experience regardless of what platform that you use plan to use it on. Now, you are really going to love what you are going to hear next — rather than having to pay for multiple subscriptions for each device, you can in fact use BullGuard VPN on up to 6 devices at any one time. Which means that you can have BullGuard VPN connected across all of your devices without having to shed an extra dime.

BullGuard VPN - Multi-Device Support

No Logging or Tracking Policy

BullGuard VPN is created by a team of security experts with nearly 20 years of experience dealing with all sorts of privacy and security related issues. And that really shows in how they manage your data — or rather, how they don't. In fact, no matter what BullGuard server it is that you are connected to, your browsing activity is never recorded. So in the unlikely event of a server breach, no one will be able to gain access to do any browsing records at all. If you are extremely focused on your privacy, then BullGuard VPN is just the solution that you need. And once again, this just shows how advantageous it could be to rely on a VPN solution created by developers that really knows the industry inside out.

Added Protection

One of the the biggest advantages of using a VPN is the the numerous advantages that you gain in terms of privacy. However, BullGuard VPN further bolsters this core aspect by applying comprehensive encryption on all data transmissions that comes in and goes out of your devices. If you are surfing on a a public Wi-Fi hotspot, for example, this works wonders at preserving the overall integrity of the connection, and helps prevent hackers, snoopers, or spyware programs from spying into your activity. In short, using BullGuard VPN alongside an anti-malware application is one of the the strongest security combinations that you can use to both preserve and protect sensitive data.

Complete Privacy Online

As you saw, using BullGuard VPN is extremely beneficial in multiple ways. Not only does it do a phenomenal job at preserving your privacy, but the dozens of services present around the world helps gaining access to all sorts of geo-restricted content a breeze. And considering how easy it is to use the VPN solution, combined with the development team’s excellent track record of dealing with user data, you are unlikely to find serious competition that can overcome BullGuard VPN’s extreme proficiency when it comes to all things VPN. If you are seriously concerned about the various negative aspects of web browsing, that alone is sufficient reason to go for BullGuard VPN. The superior multi-platform support that this phenomenal VPN solution brings to the table will likely not hold you back from diving in headfirst.