Comprehensive security suite with deep focus on safeguarding devices against malware

Cutting-edge next-gen antimalware engine with enhanced detection capabilities

Detects persistent vulnerabilities with Vulnerability Scanner and Home Network Scanner

Protects you from online threats with heavy duty firewall

Integrated cloud backups keeps important files safe and secure

Built-in parental controls facilitate in-depth device management


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BullGuard Premium Protection

BullGuard has withstood the test of time with nearly 20 years of experience securing computers against all sorts of threats, complete with numerous awards to back up it’s claims. And when it comes to iron-clad security, BullGuard Premium Protection is the best BullGuard product that you want to get your hands on to. Not only does it provide complete protection from malware and ransomware, but the amount of additional tools present within the suite really lets you tighten security loopholes and preserve your privacy while online and offline. Want to know more? Let’s dive right in and check out come of the amazing features that BullGuard Premium Protection brings to the table.

BullGuard Premium Protection - User Interface in Action

Next-Gen Anti-malware Security

BullGuard Premium Protection starts off by providing unprecedented security against virulent strains of malware and ransomware. It uses multiple cutting-edge technologies such as Triple-Layer Protection and BullGuard Sentry to achieve this. Triple-Layer Protection, for example, is a proprietary malware detection mechanism that intelligently identifies applications with potential malicious intent, and monitors them at all times for suspicious activities.

BullGuard Sentry, on the other hand, is an advanced heuristics algorithm that identifies suspicious behavior and helps thwart zero-day threats without relying on definitions databases solely.

Heavy-Duty Firewall

BullGuard Premium Protection further bolsters the protection on your system with it’s own custom firewall. And it works significantly better than the standard firewall present in Windows operating systems. Not only does the BullGuard Premium Protection firewall monitor every application for suspicious data transmissions, but it also takes a proactive role by detecting malicious activity even when installing programs in the first place.

You can also take matters into your own hands by manually configuring the default firewall settings yourself, but leaving the firewall to its own means results in a comfortable protective experience most often than not.

Vulnerability Scanner

The Vulnerability Scanner is a phenomenal addition to BullGuard Premium Protection. It lets you identify all security loopholes that malicious applications can otherwise exploit to infect your computer. For example, the Vulnerability Scanner will automatically detect issues such as outdated Windows security updates, obsolete applications, or dangerous auto-run settings, after which you can then use BullGuard Premium Protection itself to fix detected problems.

Home Network Scanner

In this day and age, it’s more than possible that you have dozens of IoT (Internet of Things) devices connected to Wi-Fi. And unsurprisingly, each of them are potential backdoors that malware can exploit to eventually reach your computer. That’s where BullGuard Premium Protection’s Home Network Scanner functionality comes to the table. It has the ability to completely detect all connected devices for security issues, where you can then take proactive action before an actual breach occurs.

BullGuard Premium Protection - Scanning for Network Vulnerabilities

Identity Protection

BullGuard Premium Protection is so concerned about your protection that it also safeguards you whenever you surf the internet. And considering the amount of fake sites that crop up daily to either phish you for personal information or infect your computer with malware, this is more than welcome. Whenever you run across such a site, BullGuard Premium Protection will either warn you or block the site outright.

Game Booster

Game Booster functionality is one of the most useful inclusions in BullGuard Premium Protection, especially if you are a gamer. When turned on, BullGuard Premium Protection automatically tones down on its usage of system resources for non-vital activities, which largely helps out with the performance of video games. Further, you will receive only critical security notifications so that you won’t be distracted while being engaged in your games.

PC Tune-up

Most often than not, Windows operating systems get progressively worse in terms of performance the longer you have them running. Usually, this is caused by obsolete registry entries, outdated hardware drivers, massive amounts of duplicate file, and fragmented data on your hard drive. But not any longer — with BullGuard Premium Protection’s PC Tune-up functionality, you can easily go about both detecting and patching up performance-related issues in practically no time.

Multi-Platform Support

If you have a MacBook or an Android smartphone around, you don’t have to dish out cash to buy a dedicated anti-malware solution to keep them secure since BullGuard Premium Protection supports them all. Simply install the relevant version onto all of your devices, and you gain the instant ability to protect them from dangerous forms of malware and ransomware. Being consistent in terms of protection across devices is a good thing, and BullGuard Premium Protection does just that.

Premium Support

No matter how good an anti-malware solution really is, there’s always going to be a time where you run into problems. But with BullGuard Premium Protection, you really don’t have to worry about that all too much since your subscription nets you access to premium customer support. Whenever you run into issues, you can submit your queries around the clock at any day of the week and receive rapid responses.

Absolute Value for Money

If you are looking around for an anti-malware suite that’s absolutely worth your money, then BullGuard Premium Protection fits the bill perfectly. With numerous features that range from protecting your system from harmful threats to closing security loopholes, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better deal elsewhere. It’s high time that you took the plunge and started protecting your devices with BullGuard Premium Protection.