Outstanding anti-malware support with real-time detection capabilities

Cloud-based scanning with negligible impact on battery life

Dedicated anti-theft controls help locate lost devices remotely

Integrated cloud storage helps you back up important data

Parental management controls help keep harmful content at bay from your kids

Install on up to five separate devices for a comprehensive anti-malware experience


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BullGuard Mobile Security

Mobile devices are often left largely out of the loop when it comes to malware protection. While this really doesn’t matter with iOS-based devices due to consistent security updates for years down the road, the same isn’t the case with smartphones running on Android. The vast majority of devices that run on Google’s mobile operating system don’t receive the latest updates, which leave them widely open to targeted malicious attacks. And if you carry an Android smartphone, that just might be the case for you as well. Which is why you need comprehensive anti-malware security on your device. BullGuard Mobile Security is one of the more popular security apps out there, and it has a ton of features to help you out in that department. Let’s check what it has to bring to the table.

BullGuard Mobile Security - Options at a Glance

Antivirus Protection

BullGuard Mobile Security places a massive emphasis on antivirus protection for your Android mobile device. Upon installation, it kicks things off by performing an immediate scan of both local and external storages for potential signs of adware, trackware, trojans, and botnets. It then goes about proactively preventing any possible threats from reaching your device. When installing new apps, for example, BullGuard Mobile Security goes about scanning Play Store downloads as soon as they reach your device, hence preventing malicious code from gaining a foothold on your system.

Optimal Performance

When installing an anti-malware app on your mobile device, you may be rightfully concerned about the potential impact it has on battery life. After all, the continuous scans going on in the background, combined with automatic downloads of the latest definitions, can often have a significant impact. But that’s not the case with BullGuard Mobile Security, which is built from the ground up to use as few resources as possible. This, combined with the cloud-based antivirus engine used by the app, means that your smartphone doesn’t have to expend resources downloading new definitions locally all of the time.

Anti-Theft Support

BullGuard Mobile Security, in addition to providing unprecedented protection from malicious threats, is equally focused on preventing threats that occur offline — or in other words, theft in the real world. In case you lose your mobile device, it’s just a matter of signing into your BullGuard Mobile Security Manager dashboard using a web browser from another device, after which you can perform a range of actions as per the situation. To start off with, you can immediately locate the device using GPS, which is simply a phenomenal way of finding a lost mobile device. In addition to that, you can also choose to remotely wipe your device so that whoever steals your device won’t end up stealing your data as well.

One-Tap Backups

Mobile devices aren’t the safest of places to keep valuable data around. In the event of a hardware failure or theft, you will likely lose access to your contacts, photos, and other documents. And that is where BullGuard Mobile Security’s cloud-based backups can help you out massively. With just a simple tap, you can immediately upload all of your valuable data including your media library to the cloud. All backups are end-to-end encrypted, so no one except you can see your data — in short, not even BullGuard can mine your data since they can’t can see your data in the first place.

BullGuard Mobile Security - Scanning for Malware

Parental Controls

If you are a parent, you’re going to love hearing this — BullGuard Mobile Security comes with dedicated parental controls. Simply add BullGuard Mobile Security to the devices of your kids, and you can immediately go about micro-managing their activities. Don’t want them to visit dangerous websites? Block them from doing so. Or are you concerned about late-night video gaming sessions? Limit their screen time. In addition to that, you can also actively monitor what your kids are up to on their devices at all times, just so that you have a clear idea on what to restrict or limit the next time around. And better yet, you can use GPS tracking to determine the actual locations of your kids, which is fantastic if you are a concerned parent.

Mobile Security Manager

The BullGuard Mobile Security Manager is a one-stop web-based portal that lets you manage your BullGuard Mobile Security installations across multiple mobile devices easily. It lets you fully determine how the antivirus app runs on your devices, provides the ability to impose various anti-theft commands, and even lets you perform a host of parental management controls right from within a browser-based user environment. This seamless approach to management should work wonders for almost anyone looking to micro-manage their devices from a single user interface.

Secure Your Mobile

BullGuard Mobile Security is a phenomenal app that resolves just about every security problem that plagues Android devices. Not only does it provide industry-leading security against dangerous forms of malicious threats, but it’s offline anti-theft prevention capabilities are just mind-blowing. And the in-depth parental managements controls and seamless data backups are just the icing on the cake. If you are an individual who values your privacy, then you’d be hard-pressed to find a better alternative. Buy BullGuard Mobile Security today, and stop falling victim to both online and offline-based security threats.