Protects your devices from malware and ransomware

Integrated heavy duty firewall safeguards you from web-based attacks

Stay safe online and protect personal information with integrated Safe Browsing module

Improves system performance with PC Tune-up and Game Booster functionality

Backs up important files and folders to secure BullGuard cloud storage

Lets you protect your kids with dedicated parental management controls


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BullGuard Internet Security

For nearly two decades, BullGuard has consistently been at the forefront of securing devices against dangerous forms of malware. And amongst BullGuard’s vast repertoire of antivirus products, BullGuard Internet Security really stands out by offering that perfect mix of cutting-edge security features and privacy enhancement tool-sets for unprecedented protection from malicious threats. Let’s take a brief dive and check out the awesome capabilities that this phenomenal security suite has to offer you.

BullGuard Internet Security - User Interface at a Glance

Anti-Malware Protection

BullGuard Internet Security offers complete protection against all forms of malware. With the help of its proprietary triple-protection system, the antivirus suite immediately starts monitoring system-critical areas of your computer for signs of malicious activity at all times. While it uses a continuously updating local database of antivirus definitions to cross-reference suspicious signatures, BullGuard Internet Security also deploys its proprietary BullGuard Sentry heuristics technology to thwart zero-day attacks using behavioral analysis. Hence, expect total security against both known and unknown forms of malware.

Ransomware Protection

One of the most dangerous forms of computer viruses out there, ransomware works quite differently compared to common forms of malware such as worms, spyware, and rootkits. Upon infection, ransomware encrypts sensitive data (confidential documents or personal photos, for example). Thus to regain access to your own data, you have to end up paying the ransomware creator a significant cash payment, which is quite a nightmare. That is why you need dedicated anti-ransomware capabilities to prevent that from ever happening, and BullGuard Internet Security is just what you need. It’s live shields and proprietary anti-ransomware technologies make short work of any ransomware attack.


System-based firewalls are often notoriously poor, and are the primary causes of most malware infections. BullGuard Internet Security fixes that with its own heavy-duty firewall. By actively monitoring each data transmission to and from your computer, it prevents suspicious applications from either spying on your activity or initiating malicious code. The firewall’s integrated Application Filtering feature also checks for abnormal behavior even when downloading and installing new applications, so expect unprecedented protection on all fronts. And what’s best is that the firewall uses very few resources to run properly, so expect zero impact on overall system performance.

Vulnerability Scanner

While the inclusion of a dedicated firewall helps to a large degree in patching up vulnerabilities, you also have access to an additional tool that you can use to determine the overall integrity of your computer. And unsurprisingly, it goes by the name of Vulnerability Scanner. Simply run it at any time, and you gain deep insights into the various areas that malicious code often exploit to infect a system — outdated hardware drivers, missing system security updates, dangerous auto-run settings, etc. You can then take action yourself to fix these issues, or let the application do that for you automatically.

BullGuard Internet Security - Heavy Duty Firewall

Parental Controls

BullGuard Internet Security also doubles up as a parental management utility, and rightfully so. If you are concerned about your child spending too much time perusing websites or using certain apps, this phenomenal antivirus suite gives you multiple ways to deal with that. By using the Parental Control module, you can easily go about imposing restrictions on unwanted apps or websites, or simply limit the amount of screen time that your child has each day. You also receive in-depth reports as to the activities of your child so that you are well informed at all times.

Integrated Cloud Backups

Your data is always at risk. Be it a hardware failure, an unexpected malware infection, or the physical theft of your computer, it won’t bode well to lose access to important documents, photos, or videos. Which is why BullGuard Internet Security throws in a free 5 gigabytes of secure cloud storage. Simply specify the files and folders that you want the antivirus suite to back up, and it does that for you automatically at regular intervals so that you have the latest versions of your files at all times. You can access or re-download your files via any device by using your BullGuard user credentials via a dedicated online login portal.

Multi-Platform Support

Having around devices that run on different software platforms brings its own set of challenges. But while most antivirus suites only support Windows, BullGuard Internet Security does in fact provide extended support to both macOS and Android as well. And considering that the lowest tier BullGuard Internet Security subscription nets support for at least three devices, you can have it installed on your Windows workstation, MacBook, and Android smartphone with minimum fuss. If you are interested in a complete protective experience, then BullGuard Internet Security provides you with just that.

Go Get It

No matter what angle it is that you look at, BullGuard Internet Security is a phenomenal antivirus suite all-around. Not only does it provide unprecedented protection against the most dangerous forms of malware, but the additional features that it brings to the table is just mind-blowing. Whether it’s the heavy-duty firewall, dedicated parental controls, or the integrated cloud backups, BullGuard Internet Security really goes truly well and beyond the call of duty when it comes to complete security. Go buy it today and gain access to some of the best protective experiences that the industry has to offer.