Top-notch security protects you against spyware, trojans, and rootkits

Detects and thwarts all forms of dangerous ransomware attacks

Cutting-edge BullGuard Sentry behavioral engine fully thwarts zero-day threats

Integrated Safe Browsing module protects you from personal information theft

Scans for prevalent threats with Vulnerability Scanner functionality

Improves video gaming performance with Game Booster


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BullGuard Antivirus

Ever since its inception in 2002, BullGuard has consistently been at the top of its game when it comes to offering protection against computer viruses. And after almost two decades later, the entry-level BullGuard Antivirus is the perfect fit for anyone on a tight budget. Not only does it now feature a totally revamped anti-malware engine, but it also has the technology required to thwart ransomware attacks. Other features such as the Vulnerability Scanner, Safe Browsing, and Game Booster seriously elevates BullGuard Antivirus to dizzying heights. If that piqued your interest, let's check out what it has in store in more detail.

BullGuard Antivirus - Intuitive User Interface

Next-Gen Anti-Malware Security

Obviously, BullGuard Antivirus’s main core function is to protection you from all the dangerous forms of malicious nasties (spyware, worms, trojans, rootkits, etc.) out to get you. And it does a phenomenal job at that, especially due to its totally revamped anti-malware engine, with a triple-layer of protection to seriously hinder threats from infecting your PC. While the tech behind it is quite sophisticated, the process is quite simple — BullGuard Antivirus intelligently identifies bad actors amongst the applications installed on your computer, and then monitors them for suspicious behavior. Any threats are then disinfected or quarantined.

Enhanced Behavioral Engine

While BullGuard Antivirus uses a local database of anti-malware signatures to identify threats, the utility doesn’t just rely on that completely. When it comes to zero-day threats, it’s up to behavioral analysis to put a stop to that. And BullGuard Antivirus features its own proprietary technology in the form of the BullGuard Sentry to deal with such issues. By proactively monitoring system critical areas for malicious code and other anomalies, BullGuard Sentry actively thwarts even the most dangerous of unknown threats in their tracks. In short, you are totally secure from both known and unknown forms of malware.

Anti-Ransomware Protection

Traditional forms of malware aside, there’s an even bigger threat nowadays — ransomware. Get your computer infected by ransomware, and you will likely not only lose access to your data (which often includes sensitive documents and photos), but you will also have to pay a substantial free (a ransom, in other words) to regain access. And obviously, that’s a nightmare for anybody. But that’s where BullGuard Antivirus comes into the picture with it’s dedicated support against both known and unknown forms of ransomware. By monitoring your computer for activity specifically related to ransomware, this phenomenal antivirus utility will effectively stop them in their tracks.

Vulnerability Scanner

Protecting your computer against regular malicious threats won’t do you any good if you don’t fix the source of it. And sooner or later, a threat is bound to slip through the malware shields, no matter how small the percentage of getting infected really is. And that’s what BullGuard Antivirus aims to fix. It comes bundled in with a feature dubbed the ‘Vulnerability Scanner.’ Simply run it, and you will get back a detailed report that includes all the vulnerabilities in your system, be it outdated hardware drivers, obsolete applications, or issues related to network connections. That way, you can take proactive action against repeated malicious attacks without relying entirely on the BullGuard Antivirus anti-malware shields.

BullGuard Antivirus - Vulnerability Scanner Report

Safe Browsing

The entire internet is slowly turning into a swamp of fake sites out to steal your information. They often masquerade themselves as legitimate sites in order to trick you into divulging sensitive details such as login passwords and credit card details. And even the most tech-savvy of users often get sucked into these phishing scams. But not if you’ve got BullGuard Antivirus installed on your computer. No matter what browser that you use, this phenomenal antivirus utility will take it upon itself to notify you whenever you visit a site that carry malicious intent. This is especially important when you shop or bank regularly, since that way, you can be rest assured that you won’t end up getting caught in a phishing scam.

Game Booster

Usually, installing an antimalware utility results in severe system slowdowns. And if you are a gamer, that obviously won't bode well for a seamless video gaming experience. But BullGuard Antivirus understands this issue, which is the reason why you have access to a dedicated gaming mode. Whenever you turn it on, BullGuard Antivirus automatically starts consuming only the essential system resources required to keep your computer safe. This action alone will drastically enhance the performance of video games. Not just that — it will also tone down on the notifications that you receive, which means that you can play for hours on end without being distracted.

Protection You Need

When it comes to staying protected from malware, ransomware, and web-based threats, BullGuard Antivirus fits like a glove. With cutting-edge features such as triple-layer protection and the BullGuard Sentry heuristics engine, you gain access to some of the best detection technologies in the entire industry. Furthermore, proprietary features such as the Vulnerability Scanner and Game Booster only serves to enhance the overall experience with
BullGuard Antivirus even further. If you are wondering whether to purchase this awesome antimalware utility, then don’t delay a second longer. Go buy it with confidence today.