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7 Best BullGuard Premium Protection Features to Look Out For

BullGuard Premium Protection offers a complete protective experience on desktops. It brings all the features developed by BullGuard in a single seamless package that not only does a phenomenal job at keeping you safe from malware, but are also extremely privacy-centered. If you just installed Bull Premium Protection, or plan to get it any time soon, here are seven phenomenal features that you definitely need to keep an eye out for. Whether you are looking to patch up system vulnerabilities, optimize computer performance, or protect personal information, you are in for a treat. So tighten your seat belts and lets get started.

1. Vulnerability Scanner

Malicious code like nothing better than to use security loopholes to repeatedly infect a system with malware. And that’s where BullGuard Premium Protection’s Vulnerability Scanner comes into the picture. It features the uncanny ability to scan your device for deep underlying issues. For example, you will be immediately notified if there are outdated Windows Security updates, problems with incorrectly signed drivers, or issues with the network that you are presently connected to. You then have an idea as to what to fix. Running the Vulnerability Scanner is super-simple — use the Vulnerabilities section of the BullGuard Premium Protection main user interface to initiate a scan.

2. Cloud-based Backups

Although there are more than enough cloud-storage services around than you could ever possibly want, most are notoriously poor when it comes to privacy and security. Often, your data is mined for information once uploaded online. And that’s why BullGuard Premium Protection’s own cloud-storage offering is so exciting. Set it up via the main BullGuard Premium Protection user interface, and you can easily choose to upload sensitive files and folders with full end-to-end encryption, which means that only you, and not anyone else, can ever see or access the data in the first place. It also works wonderfully well when it comes to migrating between devices.

3. Safe Browsing

The internet is a cesspool of fake or malicious sites just waiting to either steal your personal information or infect your device with malware. But that’s where BullGuard’s Safe Browsing feature comes into the picture. Turn if on via the BullGuard Premium Protection Settings panel, and you will be automatically notified when visiting sites that are out to phish you. And better yet, it will block websites that are known to host malware so that you won’t end up getting infected. When using search engines, Safe Browsing will also mark the results pages on any links that it deems as safe or unsafe so that you are informed well beforehand as to the safety of a site.

4. Identity Protection

Identity Protection is one of the most unique of approaches to preserving privacy ever offered by an anti-malware suite. It works quite simply in practice — add your personal information such as your email address, driving license number, or credit card details to a secure online portal within your BullGuard Account, and you will be immediately notified if that data is in circulation elsewhere within the internet. Which means that you can take instant action in such an event. BullGuard Premium Protection will perform continuous scans on a regular basis, so if you are concerned about your personal data, then this functionality should come in pretty useful.

5. Home Network Scanner

In addition to your desktop, there are tons of devices in your home connected to the internet that can range from phones, TVs, to smart coffee makers. And that presents major security loopholes that malware then use to wriggle into your computer. Which is the reason why BullGuard Premium Protection gives you access to Home Network Scanner. Simply run it from the main BullGuard Premium Protection user interface, and you can immediately detect any persistent issues associated with all devices within your household. It’s up to you to then take action as and when required.

6. Game Booster

If you are a gamer, system performance is crucial. But with an anti-malware suite chugging in the background, you aren’t going to get the smoothest of experiences. That’s where BullGuard Premium Protection’s Game Booster functionality comes into the picture. Add your video games into the Game Booster roster, and the anti-malware suite will automatically shed itself of unnecessary processes (while keeping only its vital protective shields intact) to deliver you the best video gaming experience possible.

7. PC Tune-up

Often, Windows-based devices slow down the more that you use them. This is due to the operating system accumulating large amounts of junk files and invalid entries within the system registry. BullGuard Premium Protection aims to fix that with the inclusion of PC Tune-up, a phenomenal tool that automatically detects and gets rid of items such as browser caches, temporary files, invalid shortcuts, etc. Remember to run it once every while, and you can have a vastly improved experience with your computer.

Time to Use Them

As you saw, BullGuard Premium Protection is just filled to the brim with various features that in addition to increasing security and preserving your privacy, will also help improve your user experience exponentially. If you have the security suite already installed, it’s time to start using these features right away. Or else, it’s high time that you bought it and gained access to some of the best features that money can buy.