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Absolute protection against all forms of malware and ransomware

Next-gen anti-malware engines reduces system resource consumption

Heavy-duty firewall thwarts all suspicious data transmissions

Built-in Vulnerability Scanner detects all system vulnerabilities and patches security loopholes

Blocks fake sites and prevents information theft when surfing online

Improves video gaming performance with Game Booster functionality


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BullGuard offers top-notch security and privacy-oriented features.

Cutting-edge Cloud-based Scanning

Rather than depending solely on offline definition databases, BullGuard also uses cloud-based scanning to ensure that the latest threats are covered.

Heavy Duty Firewall Included

BullGuard brings its own custom firewall to table. Built from the ground up with cutting-edge technologies, it completely blocks suspicious data transmissions in its tracks.

Secures Your Browsing Sessions

Surf the internet safely with BullGuard's Safe Browsing module to keep dangerous websites and phishing attempts at bay. Also works proactively to stop personal information theft.

Scans All Nearby Devices

BullGuard stops all vulnerabilities by performing regular automatic scans of all connected household devices. Truly unprecedented protection.

Unique Parental Control Tools

Doubles up as a parental management utility with tons of options that let you minutely control what your kids can and cannot do to the tiniest of detail.

Unrestricted Access to Content Online

With BullGuard VPN, you can unrestricted access to all content online. Dozens of VPN servers around the world make connectivity a breeze. Also boosts privacy and security.

As per the AV Comparatives Real World Protection Test, BullGuard soundly beats the competition with a 100% detection rate.

BullGuard keeps constant lookout for all forms of malicious threats


With nearly 20 years of experience protecting devices against all sorts of threats, the team behind BullGuard really knows their stuff. Cutting-edge proprietary technologies developed and refined over time work fantastically well at detecting both malware and ransomware, while behavioral analysis modules such as BullGuard Sentry features the uncanny ability to detect even zero-day threats. And the best thing about BullGuard is that you can just pick the product that suites you — Antivirus for comprehensive protection against computer viruses, Internet Security for additional protection against targeted web-based attacks, Premium Protection for enhanced privacy and security, and Mobile Security to safeguard Android mobile devices. Also present is BullGuard VPN, a phenomenal privacy-oriented VPN solution.
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Over the years, BullGuard has won multiple awards for its outstanding achievements at malware detection and prevention. You are in good hands.

Over the years, BullGuard has won multiple awards for its outstanding achievements at malware detection and prevention. You are in good hands.